The advancement in the technology used for FUE has risen the success rate to 90% with fast recovery and scarring which is virtually not visible. “Though it is a minimally invasive procedure, it should be carried out by an expert. We spoke to leading surgeons from Hair Transplant Institute Toronto and they shared that, the advanced FUE technique delivers natural and nearly scar free results. The placement of each valuable graft is placed in such a manner to stimulate authentic growth and shows incredible results”.

Why FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as FUE, offers a long-lasting and realistic result when compared to laser treatments, hair growth serums or medications. This is because of the hair that grows have been relocated from your hair growing follicles. As the technology used is quite advance and requires substantial expertise, so the price of the treatment is significantly higher than the temporary alternatives but it deems the best results.

Personalised and permanent – Hair Transplant Costs:

To reverse our hair loss we try various methods like hair growth medication or specialized and pricey shampoo or even choosing to wear a toupee. Though these solutions do suit some people, in the long run, they are temporary. One of the other cons of these cheaper treatments is that it means less realistic and limited results.

The cost of hair transplant includes consultation and hair assessment. The main aim of the first appointment is to determine what your needs are and draw a picture of your health needs. Once the surgeon has determined your hair loss pattern and goals, then a customized set of recommendations will be created for you. It would include the type of hair transplant needed and the number of grafts and placement of them, which would be according to your existing hair. The surgeon will determine the available donor follicles present which is an important factor, as the surgeon is limited to what they have to work with. In the meanwhile, it is important to consider the pattern and progression of hair loss. An experienced and skilled specialist will work around its findings to come up with a treatment plan that is not only good for now but also great in the longer run. This makes the higher cost worth it.

Transplant Cost per graft:

Usually, the FUE grafts are priced individually. So the cost increases with the increase in the number of grafts. The surgeon would recommend filling the thin and balding areas. Depending on the texture and colour of hair, the number of grafts could vary as some hair types camouflage better than the others. Some surgeons might reduce the cost per graft for high volume grafts.

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