Save Your Skin this Summer by Following 4 Tips

Summertime is all about having fun, but this fun comes at a cost. When the weather gets hotter, our skins react in many ways. When your skin is exposed to UV rays for more than 15 minutes, it damages your skin. But this goes beyond dry skin, rough complexion, and sunburn. This damage may stretch up to cause cancer, premature aging and solar elastosis which are pretty permanent damages to your body. Here are some rajeunissement cutané tips to follow to keep such damage at bay.

  1. Try afternoon sunbathing under a shade

This doesn’t mean to break your plans, but know that the sun is intense from 10 am to 3 pm almost every day. When planning to spend outside in the nature, ensure to not expose yourself in the sun at this time. If you are planning to go out at this time, ensure to do this in a shady area to retreat because you don’t, it may damage your skin.

  1. Use sunscreen

It is a common fact to wear sunscreen when going out in the sun. This is the easiest way to protect your skin from the sun. But still many people are confused about how much sunscreen should be applied. Sunscreen should always be applied as soon as you step out. Know that your skin begins to be impacted within 15 minutes of sun exposure, so the sooner you apply the better. Make sure the sunscreen you apply is at least 30 SPF. No matter if it is sunny or cloudy, always put the sunscreen on. You need to apply it frequently in every hour or two. Always check the expiry date before you apply sunscreen.

  1. Put on a hat and sunglasses

You may think these both help in protecting your eyes, but they help in protecting the skin as well. The skin is more sensitive than the remaining body parts so always protect it while you sunbathe. If you don’t put on hat and sunglasses, it develops sunspots on the cheekbone and on forehead which makes skin care a nightmare.

  1. Medication

If you take any meds, ensure that it doesn’t make you more sensitive in the sun. There are many OTC drugs and antibiotics that can render you this way. Meds like NSAIDs, Benadryl, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin etc. can have this effect. Always consult your doctor before you take such meds.

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