Tried and Tested Beauty Products you Can Package Under your Brand

There are many online retailers of natural skin care products, and a vast majority do not have the huge expense of R & D, as they deal with a white label manufacturer, who packages the products under the client’s branding. Designing and creating your own products is a very costly exercise, and only the big players have the resources to do this, besides, when you have tried and tested products that are FDA approved, you don’t need to venture into the manufacturing sector.

White Label Manufacturing

When looking at skin brightening cream manufacturing (translated to โรงงาน ผลิต ครีม หน้า ใส in Thai), there are companies that make these products and are prepared to package them in your exclusive branding and supply you with as much as you need. There is a wide range of natural ingredients that allows you to create 3 or 4 different products, all with tried and tested formulas, and your branding ensures that your company has an exclusive product line that is ready to sell.

FDA Approved

All of the products within their range would already have FDA approval, which means they are ready for sale as soon as you are, and by designing your own packaging, this is incorporated into the manufacturing process.

Online Solutions

The best way to find a company that manufactures beauty products in a white label environment is to start with an online search. This will give you a list of companies that offer this service, and when you find one that looks good, arrange for a factory tour, which gives you the chance to see their operation first-hand.

Choosing your Product Line

While at the factory, you can begin to think about your product line, and with the manufacturer’s wealth of experience, that won’t be a problem. The following products would be available:

  • Collagen Facial Masks
  • Skin Brightening Creams
  • Face Serum Packs
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Acne Creams
  • Body Lotion Products

The product list is very long, and each has options regarding natural additives, with fruit, Aloe Vera and even Gin Seng all available. This allows you to create a product that is unique to your company, and it won’t take long before you have agreed on the products you wish to produce and the manufacturer can get the ball rolling.

This kind of company is quite rare, as most manufacturers make for their own brand, but if you can find a white label manufacturer, they can handle every aspect of the product, including your very own branding. Costs are minimal, as the product is already registered with the Ministry of Health and the FDA, and all you have to do is decide on the additional ingredients that will put your stamp of uniqueness on the products you choose.

Sourcing an OEM cosmetic manufacturer is easy when using an online search, and once you have made contact, you can arrange a visit to their facility, where you can observe their processes and discuss your product requirements, and take the first steps to creating a unique product line for your company.

Marrio Danni

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