TruSculpt Body Sculpting FAQs

TruSculpt is a body sculpting procedure that involves reducing accumulated fat as well as tightening skin. The procedure is clinically recommended to be very effective and can remove adipose tissue cells from different body areas. Now available for residents interested in body sculpting in Melbourne, TruSculpt is a fast and convenient way to get the body you want without the need for surgery. Surgery can leave behind scars and require deep cuts that can be painful. With TruSculpt, the treatment causes no pain and is also quicker and easier than surgery, which requires pre and post surgical procedures. To learn more about TruSculpt, read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

When you visit experienced practitioners for body sculpting in Melbourne, you can expect the treatment to proceed smoothly. The first step is ensuring the room where the procedure is to be done is fully equipped and well prepared so there are no unnecessary interruptions once the procedure begins. The preparation consists of ensuring the electrical pad on which you need to lie on is well placed and maintained. Some individuals might feel mild discomfort during the procedure, while others might not feel anything at all − this depends on the individual and their pain tolerance. Although you might feel some discomfort, it doesn’t last long. The procedure can take up to 15 minutes to perform, although this time can vary depending on the body part it’s being performed on.

When Can I Start Seeing Results After Using TruSculpt?

The purpose of TruSculpt is to destroy the adipose tissue cells that have accumulated over time. Once the cells have been damaged, the body ensures they’re eliminated by the lymphatic system. Results can depend on a number of factors, including your body’s responsiveness in terms of elimination of the dead cells. The faster the dead fat cells are eliminated from the body, the faster the results can be seen, starting from around 3 weeks. Some individuals whose bodies are able to eliminate the cells even faster can see changes after just two weeks after the procedure has been performed.

Is TruSculpt a Safe Procedure?

TruSculpt body sculpting in Melbourne has been proven to be safe and can be used as a method of breaking down excess fat cells. Compared to other fat removal procedures, TruSculpt is considered to be safer because it’s non-invasive and doesn’t require any recovery time. As the fat is eliminated by the lymphatic system, no physical removal of fat takes place, minimising side effects.

Is the Fat Loss Permanent?

Gaining weight due to fat accumulation depends on a number of factors which you can control or eliminate. Once you’ve had a TruSculpt treatment, the fat loss is permanent and the same fat deposit cannot form again. However, if you continue with the lifestyle that led to fat accumulation, you will gain new fat cells. It’s recommended that you improve your lifestyle once the procedure has been conducted in order to maintain the results. This includes watching your diet and exercising regularly.



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